Accelerate innovation across product and UX teams

Collaborate cross-functionally in the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. Visualize user flows, designs, and technical systems to surface the best solutions.

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How product and UX teams use Lucid

Synthesize user persona research

Use a Lucidspark template to compile and synthesize your persona research. Build a repository to share research across teams.

Facilitate design thinking workshops

Bring stakeholders together to collaboratively explore challenges and solutions using Visual Activities, Breakout Boards, voting, and more.

Build product roadmaps

Keep teams aligned. Link to Google Sheets or a CSV file to create roadmaps that update automatically when you edit your spreadsheet.

Map out timelines

Visually structure and monitor tasks, milestones, and responsibilities. Eliminate silos by integrating Lucid with project management tools.

Improve the customer experience

Map the user journey to see and understand how customers interact with your product. Toggle layers to compare current and future states.

“I love that you have the option to invite others to participate in the same diagram. You can raise questions on a specific part of a process and assign someone to answer directly in the product. This helps us solve our problems and finish our diagrams faster.”
- Alberto - Go-To-Market Manager at Western Union Mozilla

See how product and UX accelerate innovation with Lucid

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