Collaborate with confidence to reach mission-critical objectives

Government agencies and contractors use Lucid to drive efficiency, adhere to project timelines, and achieve stakeholder alignment with increased security.

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FedRAMP Authorized

Lucid is now FedRAMP Authorized at the Moderate security impact level! Harness the power of visual collaboration with confidence in maintaining security and compliance. Learn more.

How public sector teams use Lucid

Align teams with a single source of truth

Document everything from brainstorms to process flows, centralize communication, and dive right into work from a single location.

Modernize project planning initiatives

Work collaboratively to brainstorm, prioritize, and plan in a visual space. Host agile ceremonies by visualizing timelines, tasks, and dependencies.

Map complex processes to increase efficiency

Create dynamic process maps to display anything, including how a system works, how data flows, or how tickets are answered.

Make the leap to the cloud

Automatically visualize your cloud environment and see it from multiple perspectives using connection lines, conditional formatting, and filters.

Generate org charts automatically

Create dynamic, persistently up-to-date charts. Then customize how you view your organization to help understand resource allocation.

Simplify the procurement process

Lucid partners with Carahsoft and other reseller partners to make the procurement process even easier on public sector teams.

"Lucidchart helps people produce work in a short time frame. I like the fact that it has templates you can import data into and that it does so much work for you. The time you could spend writing out processes is reduced by half using Lucidchart."

Sinead Kilkenny - Governance Specialist at Smart Pension

“Lucid has completely transformed team collaboration. As we’re much more virtual today, the Lucid Suite enables us to be more efficient now because we have all the materials we need in one place and can provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas in real time.”

Business intelligence program manager at CDOT


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