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Develop new apps and products with your hybrid team, all while meeting compliance standards.

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How you can leverage the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Eliminate errors with improved organizational processes

Evaluate internal processes, then share insights with clients and advisors. Make sure new systems and workflows are secure and clear. Plus, you can integrate your diagrams with Confluence.

Collaborate effectively in hybrid environments

Hold brainstorms, daily meetings, planning sessions, and more on a secure virtual whiteboard. Make decisions faster with timelines, project plans, and voting sessions.

Leverage data for accurate documentation

Link data to your diagrams so when information changes, your diagrams automatically update. Keep all documents in shared team folders for easy accessibility.

Develop products and apps faster

Replace or update old systems. Create new cloud-based wireframes, mocks, or UX flows with your hybrid team. Manage access with passwords, and hide or lock elements within documents.

Update and monitor your cloud infrastructure

Link your AWS, Azure, or GCP account to automatically generate visualizations of your entire cloud infrastructure. Create future states, and quickly spot problem areas with conditional formatting.

Generally, processes exist in each person's mind in a different way. There are misunderstandings, but when you get everyone in the same room and you project it up on the screen and everyone's looking at it from a visual process or perspective, then you're able to have breakthroughs that you wouldn't have otherwise.
- Mike Doana - IT Service Delivery Consultant IT Service Delivery Consultant

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