Where consultants build and optimize solutions

Understand clients’ needs and workflows, and provide real-time documentation during implementation and handoffs.

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How consultants use the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite

Uninterrupted, structured collaboration

Avoid project roadblocks and application fatigue with shared documents. Host virtual working sessions, meetings, and brainstorms on a digital canvas to keep projects moving forward.

Leverage client data and systems to get up to speed

Generate infrastructure models so you can avoid risk and decrease costs. See data in context quickly by integrating with other software applications.

Analyze and develop solutions that scale with your workflow

Use conditional formatting to easily identify problems so you can quickly come up with solutions. View your work from multiple angles using different filters and views.

Secure buy-in at every project milestone

Have clients comment directly on proposals. Align technical and non-technical teams with shape libraries. Then create templates that standardize best practices and meet your clients’ branding needs.

Enable client success after contracts are fulfilled

Create a cloud-based repository that can be used to implement solutions across entire organizations. Make new protocols and systems available in the same place.

Generally, processes exist in each person's mind in a different way. There are misunderstandings, but when you get everyone in the same room and you project it up on the screen and everyone's looking at it from a visual process or perspective, then you're able to have breakthroughs that you wouldn't have otherwise.
- Mike Doana - IT Service Delivery Consultant IT Service Delivery Consultant

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