Find agility, clarity, and alignment working in the cloud

Migrate and optimize your cloud by visualizing current infrastructure, collaboratively planning a path forward, and maintaining stakeholder alignment—even in complex designs.

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Lucid helps teams collaborate, share information, and execute complex designs

Define business objectives to align teams

Bring teams together on a virtual whiteboard as they place notes, sort ideas, collect data, and share findings with cross-functional stakeholders to define objectives, priorities, and scope.

Make a plan that everyone can follow

Make concrete plans with org charts, timelines, flowcharts, and system architectures. Each deliverable is clear, is accessible, shows dependencies, and helps avoid rework.

Visualize infrastructure and supporting systems

Create diagrams showing onprem resources and automated visuals of your cloud. Add details to map out supporting systems and share information with stakeholders.

Design your future cloud architecture

Clear documentation helps teams visually share complex designs and gather feedback from stakeholders. Input from team members, security experts, and compliance teams is captured in Lucid.

Build and share a single source of truth

Update cloud diagrams with one click to validate successful migrations and deployments and maintain visibility of your infrastructure. Keep everyone aligned by sharing via platforms like Confluence.

Toby Foss

Director of Cloud Network Operations

It’s essential that everyone has up-to-date visibility into the networks. There were no architecture-level diagrams when I first started... They told me, ‘Your very first task while you're learning this network is documenting.’ I was able to jump right in, using Lucidscale as a great starting point.

Make your cloud environment clear

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